The Heights Athletic Association currently has approximately 3000 members. In order to become a member two Active or Life members of the organization must sponsor a person and their names read at two consecutive monthly meetings for approval.

-  Effective November - Renewal Dues will be $20.00.  New Member applications will be taken by officers of the club. Cost is $25.00 per application. Must have two Active & Life members as sponsors.


Each and every member of the organization must fill out a renewal card each and every year. Membership renewals begin November 1st and end February 28th. The renewal period is four months so that everyone can visit the club to renew. In case of sickness or vacations, it is your responsibility to send in your renewal information to the club during the renewal period. If you have not renewed in the specified renewal time, you are dropped from the membership rolls effective March 1st. This is usually the time new members apply for membership into the club.There are No excuses for late renewals! If a member fails to renew in the time period, he or she shall begin as a new member when the membership is open.

Social This is how every new member starts.

Active According to by-laws the organization has a combined total of 600 Active and Life members. Each year when Active and Life members fail to renew, Social members are next to become Active members. Social members are moved to Active status in the following order.

    A. Year member joined the club - This is printed on Your membership card

    B. Your age - If multiple members joined the same year, then age becomes the determining factor. Older members are first to become Active, if the year joined is the same.

Life Life members are at least 62 years of age and have been been Active for at least one year. Life members must also renew their membership every year. They pay no annual dues.